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We’re a digital marketing agency with an extraordinary gift for SEO, passion to help brands grow and be found online mixed with exceptional digital design that makes your business STAND OUT in the digital space!

About Leverage Digital

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Website + Digital Design

We create human focused websites.  You want users on your website to take action; make that purchase, request a quote and that is only possible with a well-crafted user experience.

Leverage Digital | Branding & Corporate Identity

Branding + Identity

Your brand is your influence on your audience. We design logos that have power and brand identities that sell your company’s unique story. Relevant today with a vision of excellence in future.

Leverage Digital | SEO

Result Driven SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Our SEO strategy has been proven effective time and time again to help your brand rank in competitive markets. We have a well-thought-out approach to getting your brand noticed online.

Leverage Digital | Paid Marketing (PPC)

Paid Marketing

Our paid marketing finds your ideal customer and targets this demographic to generate and convert leads into new business opportunities for you at the most effective CPA.

Leverage Digital defines excellence with their ability to pull in customers’ attention and empathize with their needs. Luci is dedicated and completely loyal to her clients, big or small. Luci has been instrumental in the sales of my first book and continues to assist in the growth of my online presence. If you have a growing business and you are looking to invest in a marketing plan, Leverage Digital is the first place you should consider!

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James Kelley


Leverage Digital’s team has everything you hope for in a marketing partner: innovation, commitment to excellence and an investment in the values and goals of Marley Pipe Systems.  They provide a fast, flexible and responsive service that makes them a pleasure to work with.  Luci has been instrumental in ensuring our brand and our product offering is effectively communicated to target markets.

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Andre Wilken - Marley Pipe Systems

Head of Sales and Marketing

Luci offers great insight into the world of social media marketing. She understands how to drive traffic, share info and engage with users to drive marketing goals. Luci understands the value of a brand and the importance of posting, delivering content and building a social media strategy to drive audience engagement and create social presence for a brand. She is polite, friendly and always willing to go the extra mile. Luci is dedicated to her craft which is also her passion and she just so happens to be very good at it.

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