2019 Web Design Trends

2019 web design trends

2019 Web Design Trends

Look out digital world, 2019 is here and ready to take web design to the next level.  Websites are becoming more user-friendly and with the incorporation of appealing layouts, they truly are turning into a company’s ultimate home on the web – a place where customers like to visit, relax and experience your brand first hand.  On the other hand, when your customers have horrible user experiences – those negative thoughts of your brand tend to stick with them and generally leave a bad aftertaste, turning potential customers away. 2019 web design trends

As the digital space is becoming more and more crowded, website visitors won’t settle for anything less than an incredible user experience.  A trend that started in 2018 and is moving over into 2019 is the use of creative movement opportunities through video and smart design to grab a user’s attention and retain page visitors and we are here for it!

Here are the 2019 web design trends we are most excited about this year:

Rotating Animations & Video Backgrounds

Switching up your content with rotating animations that display a new movement object each time the homepage is refreshed will keep visitors curious and intrigued.  This is a brilliant way for your business to keep the content on your homepage fresh by using brand animations or videos to draw the users’ attention and provide them with a unique experience with every visit.

Example: The Great Agency

Mobile Speed

Since Google introduced its Google Speed Update  in July of 2018, web designers have been hard at work ensuring the websites they create have fast loading speeds because if they don’t, the website’s ranking will be influenced.

In 2019, we are looking forward to more creative ways of using redirects, minimised coding and compressed images.

Flat Design is here to stay

In 2018, website aesthetic leaned more towards minimalistic and crisp designs and we are glad to say that flat design trends are here to stay.  A major benefit of these designs is that it improves mobile performance significantly with the added benefit of increased speed due to less clutter that needs to load.

Flat design makes good use of negative space and by incorporating bold lines, bright colours and high-res imagery, your website will entice and captivate users.  Semi-flat designs can be used to give your website greater dimension by incorporating shadows and gradients.

Integrated Animations

Integrated animations assist the user in navigating a website, guiding and captivating the user as they scroll or hover over new elements.  These animations encourage users to remain on a page for longer and efficiently guide them through the content on the website.

Adding depth to designs

Using drop shadows and varying colours and gradients, you can make a flat design appear 3-dimensional and lead users to the next step in the sales process.

Bold Typography

That’s right, users like their fonts thicc.  By incorporating bold typography, you are encouraging brand authenticity and conviction in what you are saying.  There are tons of bold fonts to fit the aesthetic of your brand.  Be clear and obvious with the message your brand is sending to the world.


Those are our favourite trends to look out for in 2019!

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