To hashtag or not to hashtag

a guide to hashtag use in 2019

A guide to hashtag use on social media 2019

Social media is dominating our daily lives, from the first moment we wake up in the morning until we don our blue light filtering glasses at night to continue using our phones in bed.  We use social media to connect with old friends and new, to keep up to date with world news and yes, even to watch angry, fluffy bunnies.   Businesses make use of social media to reach us where we are most comfortable, among friends and family and one of the ways businesses can do this is through the use of hashtags. hashtag use on social media 2019

Hashtags have become one of the preferred methods to use to effectively communicate what our content is about while simultaneously being a brilliant tool used to find exactly what we are looking for on social media.  Top businesses use the hashtag system in an effort to remain relevant each day and to ensure that they are incorporating top trending posts, tweets and stories.

What is the most effective hashtag use on social media for your business?

  1. Local hashtags are ideal to use when you are targeting potential customers in your area. Small businesses can effectively make use of local hashtags in their city to get the attention of people searching relevant hashtags to find products and services in that exact location.  Social media platforms have become good at ensuring relevant posts feature first and this is a perfect way to expose your business to locals.


  1. Competition time! Social media contests are extremely popular and companies are using hashtags related to their contests as an effective way to promote an event, sale or competition.  The more people enter the competition and use your hashtag, the more people will see it and likely join in using the hashtag as a way of entry into the competition.


  1. Be a hashtag leader and create your own hashtag to promote your business across multiple social media platforms and encourage your followers to use the hashtag when engaging with your brand on social media.


  1. Special days and holidays are a good way to interact with your followers and potential followers because they are likely using these hashtags as well. Making use of popular hashtags such as #motivationmonday can get you to show up on relevant searches related to this hashtag.


  1. Your business likely has its own focus points and goals, and these could be used as hashtags to become more relevant on social media. Using keywords is a clever way to engage with potential followers on common interests such as #foodie These keywords and hashtags will purely be catered to your business or interests and it is a brilliant way to get your business noticed.


Social media is an essential part of any business’ marketing strategy and hashtags can greatly benefit this strategy and likely increase your visibility on the social media platforms you are using.

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